InPhase Power launches Active Harmonic Filter Version 2 with the Highest current rating in the Industry

Power grid utilities and Harmonics

Utilities today have taken stricter stand against Industries that pollute power by introducing current harmonics, voltage imbalance and power factor correction issues. This causes a huge instability for the utility providers and grid. States like Tamilnadu, Maharastra have even come up with schemes to impose hefty penalties on Industries who violate the Harmonics code.

Harmonic Mitigation products

Active Harmonic Filters are products that can help Industries mitigate these harmonics there by avoiding penalties and increasing the stability of electrical network within the industry as well for the utility provider. InPhase Power is a Bangalore based Power Quality products and solution provider. InPhase Power designs, develops and manufactures its product in India with a complete R&D and manufacturing capacity. InPhase Power released it\’s first version of Active Harmonic Filter in Feb 2014 supporting a wide range of current rating.


InPhase IPC150-AHF Harmonic Mitigation Series

InPhase Power has released its newer version of Active Harmonic Filter IPC150-AHF series that was under works recently. This supports higher current rating up to 900A for 415V and 600A for 690V which is the highest in the Industry. It enables Industry to handle higher current ratings with minimal foot print which otherwise leads to a lot of units to coverup the current rating. The product also has the industry best response time of 0.5ms and ability to handle harmonics up to the 23rd order.

InPhase has developed the complete technology involving the Active Harmonic Filter in house and manufactures at its own facility. This enables them to provide the best support and services for any product related issues. With majority of the Industry in India importing its products from highly expensive european markets struggle to offer competitive price and to manage services locally. InPhase stands out of this by offering it\’s locally designed products that are designed and developed with the Indian market and price in mind.

You can read more about the InPhase Power Active Harmonic Filter product here IPC150-AHF Series.

InPhase Power is a Power Electronic Product company manufacturing products for Power Quality and Power Conversion. InPhase is manufacturer of Active Filter, Active Harmonic Filter,Solar Inverter.

InPhase LogoInPhase is a Bangalore based product development company on power systems that manufactures Active Harmonic Filter, Reactive Power Compensation with Power Factor Correction, Solar Converters Indigenously. InPhase majors in power system design for power quality and conversion. Driven by a management that has a combined experience of over 60 years in power system and power electronics InPhase nurtures innovation and passion in this field.

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